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Blissful Memories offers one of the only Green Friendly pet disposition facilities within the state of Ohio and beyond. Our 50+ years of combined experience within the animal industry has allowed us to cater to the individual needs of each and every pet owner.


Hydrocremation has held the national spotlight in the human funeral industry for the past four years. Although extensive, its application within the animal industry has been limited to large research facilities and universities– until now. Advances in technology, coupled with old science has resulted in a process that is cost-effective for the pet industry.  

We at Blissful Memories have spent over four years corresponding with regional veterinarians, county animal shelters, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and the Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure that hydrocremation is a viable and safe alternative for pet disposition.  

The process of hydrocremation is cost-effective and eco-friendly in comparison to traditional cremation. The end products include calcium phosphate bone remains which are processed for private returns, and a sterile, homogenous liquid which is safe for water table discharge or land application as fertilizer. 

 With the ever changing parameters of the pet industry, the focus of quality care, environmental impact, and economic viability have never been more important to pet owners. Hydrocremation addresses these concerns in a manner beneficial to the industry, the clientele, and the environment.

Pet Owners

Pet owners have their choice of a standard package. Our packages are designed around the varying needs of pet owners.

Pet Cremation Services Include:

  • Service via a local veterinarian or provider
  • In-home pickup service
  • Large animal and farm pick up service
  • Emergency 24-hour pick up service

Professional Members

Post-live care is an ever growing and changing segment of the pet health industry. The same quality of care and professionalism dedicated to an animals life should follow them in death. Blissful Memories has combined the working knowledge and compassion to cater to the needs of your business, your staff, and most importantly your clientele. 

We are currently the only facility in the eastern part of with the state to offer this service. We also understand that pet loss comes in variable sizes,from the smallest of pocket pets to the largest of our equine friends. With an operating capacity of up to 2500 pounds per individual cycle, we are happy to service your needs at any size.

Standard Packages

Spring Package

Biodegradable Burial Urn embedded with spring flower seeds

Summer Package

Velvet Scatter Bag for the intention of home scattering

Fall Package

Rose Wood Urn with engraved name plate

Winter Package

Hardwood Picture Urn with paw-print and hair clipping

Contact Us

Tim Sparks, Owner/Operator
Phone: (330)691-1345
Email: [email protected]

Zero emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses and an environmentally-friendly byproduct puts hydrocremation in a class of its own.

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